APACPro is the most enthusiastic and wholeheartedly system integration service provider of eCommerce platforms in APAC. Some of the world’s best-known retailers and brands leverage our knowledge and technical service to provide a fully branded experience.

APACPro provides broad and solid implementation solutions for eCommerce platforms (Salesforce Commerece Cloud/Demandware, Magento, etc), Order Management System (OMS) and WareHouse Management System (WMS). We also offer IT consulting technical services and local support.

We notice how brands are confused and desperate for a real eCommerce service in the region. We are with both years of work experience in house in brands, together with development and deployment journey starting from scratches of eCommerce ideas. We looked around the market and know what 3rd parties are really supporting your business in a good manner.

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Team Portfolio and Service Offering

eCom Project management experiences:

Sofic Tsang

  • bossini HK – site development
  • PANDORA HK/AU/NZ/CN – sites development; in-house eCom project from scratches to operation and maintenance.

Vincent Pang

  • bossini – backend systems development
  • bossini TW – site development from scratches

eCom sites development experiences, by development team:

  • Cosmetic brands
  • Apparel brands
  • Fashion accessories brands
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Our Team

Our team is experienced in eCommerce sites for a wide range of categories such as cosmetic, apparel, accessories etc.  We aim to deliver the high performance product and are all qualified for development.

As our team members have worked in in-house retails, we understand your business. And we care about your business so we can growth together.

We focus on Asia market, knowing the international trends.


Our previous projects eCom sites were awarded HK Top 10 eCom sites for the past 3 years.



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Our Partners and Clients

APACPRO understands the eCommerce process other than just the shopping cart and integration, what we can do?

  • eCom store operating end-to-end design
  • Inventory management
  • O2O implementations
  • Promotion setting
  • Place affiliate for tracking your business

We co-operate with well-known service partners that integrate payment gateway, OMS (Order Management System) and affiliate program.

Currently we are serving some retail brands. If you would like to know more about what Clients we have, please kindly contact us.

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Contact us